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Trust Us for All Your Safety Audit Needs

Make sure that your company remains in compliance with various FMCSA regulations. Tri-State Safety Solutions, LLC is here to provide all safety audit needs of trucking businesses in Toms River, New Jersey, and surrounding areas.

Our Auditing Services

We work hard to ensure that your safety management controls are up to today’s standards. Our safety audit involves assessments on the following areas as applicable:

  • Driver’s hours-of-service and licensing
  • Vehicle maintenance and inspection
  • Driver qualifications (including drug and alcohol testing requirements)
  • Accidents
  • Insurance
  • Operating authority
  • Other safety and transportation records, including any requirements for transporting hazardous materials
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Meeting the Deadline

Our team has decades of experience in auditing safety management controls of businesses. That is why you can trust us to work efficiently and ensure all your requested documents are filed before your audit deadline.

Raise Your Safety Rating

Do you have problems with your safety compliance? Work with our highly-skilled consultants, and we’ll guarantee that you meet all the safety standards your business needs.