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Benefits of Consultants

Tri-State Safety Solutions, LLC in Toms River, New Jersey, has been providing first-rate consulting services for decades. If you are preparing for an environmental, healthy, or safety audit, here are some benefits of consultants that you may look forward to:

  • EH&S consultants help you save money and reduce costs by contracting for specific services needed and eliminating the cost of benefits (health insurance, vacation time, sick time, 401k, etc.).
  • EH&S consultants have experience and knowledge in the related industries to stay updated on the current regulations and eliminate research time on your end.
  • EH&S consultants take the burden of the client about regulatory compliance (CPR | DOT | EPA | OSHA).

Why Choose Our EH&S Consultants

  • While most companies are not in the EH&S business, we recognize that employers still want to provide a safe workplace that complies with regulatory agencies (CPR | DOT | EPA | OSHA).
  • You can trust us for customized services and packages, including updating/developing written plans to completing regular facility inspections.
  • We work with our clients every step of the way in all citations, inspections, and testing. Our company also works with your insurance company to translate a safety program into lower premiums for our clients.
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Prevent Accidents in Your Workplace

You can trust our experienced professionals for a thorough inspection of accident risks in your facility.