A man in yellow vest holding clipboard near machine.

Accident Investigations

Trust Tri-State Safety Solutions, LLC in Toms River, New Jersey, to help you identify the risks and hazards in your facility. Our accident investigations involve the thorough assessment of the following:

Unsafe Acts

Most accidents are caused by unsafe acts and practices. This may include:

  • Operating equipment/tools without training or permission
  • Failure to use lockout procedures
  • Failure to inspect the equipment
  • Attempting unauthorized repairs
  • Not following safety procedures
  • Improper lifting
  • Not using PPE
  • Improper use of chemicals
Two people in hard hats and yellow jackets looking at a laptop.
Two construction workers wearing yellow hard hats and gloves.

Unsafe Conditions

This pertains to conditions in your workplace that may cause injury to your employees or damage to your property, including:

  • Damaged equipment/tools
  • Poor lighting
  • Slippery walking surfaces
  • Missing machine guards
  • Inadequate training or supervision
  • Exposed electrical circuits
  • Worn or damaged PPE
  • Improper storage
  • Trash accumulation
  • Overloaded electrical circuits
  • Congested walkways
  • Trip hazards
  • Missing hazard warning signs
  • Unlabeled chemicals

Contain Your Insurance Costs

Avoid paying a large amount for insurance through our loss control and prevention services.