Need a Substance Abuse Professional?

For DOT safety-sensitive individuals – those who refuse to get tested or tested positive for drugs and alcohol – Tri-State Safety Solutions, LLC in Toms River, New Jersey, is here to provide Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) services.

SAP Services

We try to make our SAP services as comfortable for our clients as possible. You may expect the following procedures upon meeting with our professional:

  • Step 1- Initial evaluation
  • Step 2- Treatment and/or education
  • Step 3- Follow-up evaluation

Why Get SAP Services?

It is required for employers to provide their employees who have a positive test or refuse to test a list of Substance Abuse Professionals readily available to the employee. That is why we make this service accessible for your convenience.

Learn About Our Courses

We have been committed to making safety education accessible for workplaces in the area for decades. Continue browsing for more information about our available training programs.